The Cat’s Out Of The Bag And His Name Is Edgar

Originally posted 2/17/12 on my other blog, now shuttered.
Since this posting the headaches have daily headaches have subsided, and we’re still in the wait and see stage, though Edgar’s not growing and the symptoms have leveled off. I still get the checkups and while I cant prove it, I do believe that where we were living at the time I was originally diagnosed had a lot to do with the symptoms I had. Since moving they have pretty much disappeared or minimized. . . and Im not complaining about that at all. 
Im telling this, not for pity and not for any other reason than I kind of let the proverbial cat out of the bag tonight on Twitter. Rather than go into fifty Tweets about it .. I’ll just tell it here.
Last Spring I was diagnosed with a 4 cm Meningioma and because Im such an over achiever I also apparently grew a Rathke Cleft Cyst on my Pituitary gland
Some people knew, most did not because frankly I didn’t want to be trolled about it. .. but whatever.. if that happens, it happens.
Im fine, just with some symptoms of memory loss at times, coordination problems and blinding headaches. There are other things, but why dwell on shit like that?
Anyways right now we are in the “lets watch it stage” and Im fine with that. Im not really keen on getting my skull cracked open to remove the Meningioma or to have them go up my nose and drain the cysts… sounds gross, doesn’t it? All I can think of are the ancient Egyptians .. lol
But because this thing has decided to set up residency in my brain.. I decided it needed a name.. so I call it Edgar because that just sounds to me like an old curmudgeon…. like the old guys in the balcony on The Muppets.
So .. no pity… please. Im fine .. just a little crazier than usual.. and it could be a lot worse .. it could be malignant.
Just know when I refer to ‘Edgar’ its not some hot dude Ive got hidden away in my closet … its just the little ornery dude in the balcony.
Carry on!

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