Bring Our Girls Home #MissingGirlsOfDC

Since the beginning of this year a number of mostly African American and Latina women/children have gone missing in Washington D.C.

Until recently these disappearances have pretty much gone unreported by MSM.

This is not alright.

There is currently a campaign on social media called Missing Girls DC to bring awareness to the missing.

The D.C. Police have also reached out and are using social media to shed light on these disappearances.

If you are on Twitter you can also follow the hashtag #MissingDCGirls for more information and news about the efforts to find these girls.

Below are a few links where you can find more information on these disappearances, and what is being done to locate them. I share these links  because they can say it so much better than I.

Map Shows Locations Where DC Teens Reported Missing in 2017 Were Last Seen

What We Know So Far About D.C.’s Missing Black and Latinx Teens

Lawmakers call on FBI to help find string of missing black girls in Washington

Washington D.C. Police Are Asking The Public To Help Find Over 10 Missing Black Girls

#SundayFunny – You Know You’re Old When …


You stop growing at both ends and start growing in the middle.

You can cough, fart, sneeze and pee at the same time.

You got to second base with a TSA screener.

“Getting any?” means sleep.

When Happy Hour is a nap.

When you spot that first gray hair…on your kid.

When you’re reading this and nodding your head in agreement.

Cheerios Giving Away Free Wildflower Seeds #BringBackTheBee

Bee populations which are crucial for pollinating  world food supplies have been declining in recent years.

Because of this, Cheerios is partnering with Veseys Seeds, and are pledging to send out 100 million wildflower seeds.

You can get your free wildflower seeds by visiting the Cheerios website, they ask that in return you plant them in a bee friendly area.


Holly Briley


Mike Brown: Trading One Stereotype For Another

Holly Briley Recently film director, Jason Pollock released what some are calling a “highly edited” video from his documentary, Stranger Fruit that retraces the events of the 2014 shooting of Mike Brown.

In this video Pollock alledges Brown gives the store employee a bag of pot for the Cigarillo’s he was previously said to have stolen. Pollock also alledges this was part of a pre negotiated negotiated deal.


Jay Kanzler, the attorney for the convenience, who also happened to be in the convenience store when a new rash of protesting and gunfire broke out, disputes the events in the video, and goes on to state they have nothing to do with Brown’s later visit to the store.

Mr. Kanzler recently gave a press conference and during it released the unedited version of the tape in question, taking the watcher step-by-step through it.


In the end the questions remain:

1) Was Mike Brown simply carrying out a drug deal and not committing strong arm robbery?
2) Why does it even matter as the events in the store had nothing to do with his death?
3) And most importantly in my opinion –
Why are so many people willingly trading one stereotype of young black men for another one that is equally stereotypical?


Deric Lostutter: Intimidation By Proxy

Prior to Mr. Lostutter’s sentencing this past week for conspiring to illegally access a computer and making false statements to federal agents his sentencing memorandum said among other things “he seemingly cannot stop harassing others online.”

It goes on to mention how he clearly violated specific Court orders not to use the internet to harass others.. all within days of orders being set forth.

Now, it appears that he cannot stop harassing or trying to intimidate others after being sentenced. This time using his wife/her social media accounts to do so.

Yesterday as I checked into my Instagram account, I noticed I had new likes. Well imagine my surprise when it was none other than Jenny Lostutter (jenand_juice), Mr. Lostutter’s wife who had liked every single one of my pictures.

IG Visits

(click on individual picture to enlarge)

As you can see by the time/date on the bottom right side of each screen shot, and the hours since she liked them this action occurred long after his initial orders to stop using the internet to stop harassing people and days after his court sentencing.

There is no reason whatever for them to like these pictures other than to let me know they were there.

So, Deric, now I know . . . as does the probation officer and prosecutor in this case.

Sunday Funnies: When Your Teacher Burns You On Facebook

Just when you think it’s safe to smack talk your former teachers, they roll in and clap back. . . hard.

Yepp. That’s a burn.

Small Children Interrupt Father’s On Air Video And I’m Just A Little Bit Pissed Off About It

By now you’ve probably seen the video of Professor Robert Kelly’s on-air interview with the BBC that he was doing from his home. If not, see video in question below.

Copyright 2017 Raycom News Network. All rights reserved.

I’m not pissed off about or at the children interrupting him. Children will be children and anyone who has ever raised one or been around one for any length of time knows a closed unlocked door is an invitation to open to see what’s going on inside. To be perfectly honest, they were probably the most entertaining thing about the video. I’m not even really pissed about the way he tried to push his daughter back while she was standing beside him.

What I am pissed off about is the lack of outrage from pussyhat wearing SJWs for the wife who had to come in practically on her knees, wrangle up the children, and walk backwards out the door children in tow all while bowed down.

Where are you SJWs? Where are your screams about Patriarchy, Misogyny?

Ashley . . .Cher . . . anyone??

Where is Lena Dunham ripping off her clothes and eating rice pudding on the toilet in protest?!

Shouldn’t  Samantha Bee be chiming in right about now about how the dad has “Nazi hair?”

My God! Shouldn’t we be organizing a march or something!!

This brings me to why I’m just a little pissed . . . all of the “outrage” we’ve seen as of late from self titled feminist is nothing but manufactured. Manufactured for personal gain, to reignite failing careers or simply to pitch a public fit because they didn’t get their way on November 8, 2016.

If it were anything but, we’d be seeing more than one person blogging about the “outrage” of it all.

Again, I ask – Where Is The Outrage?!!!!

*Side Note to Professor Kelly: Locks. Get one and use it. 

Holly Briley



Deric Lostutter: From “White Knight” To Persona Non Grata

Holly Briley There was a time not long ago, Deric Losutter was considered by many to be a hero, a white knight of sorts.

While he still tries desperately to cling to those bygone days, his recent court appearance, and lack of public attention it garnered tells him – his 15 minutes may indeed be up.

Probably nothing signifies this more than his entourage, or lack thereof,  that was present after the his trial.

As reported by William K Murtaugh (@MURTITNESSONE on Twitter), who was there, he and 2 other, presumably paid for or there at the behest of Deric’s defense team, were the only ones in attendance.  Mr. Murtuagh writes about this on his blog – From The Desk of Murtwitnessone. You can read about his observations HERE.

Regardless of how Deric’s defense team wants to spin it, and regardless of how they want to label those of us who can see through Deric’s act to be haters, trolls, cyberbullies, etc. the fact remains – Deric has no one but himself to blame for where he finds himself today… or where he will find himself come May of this year.

There will always be those who defend him and who believe he is a “white knight.”

Then there those who know the truth of who and what he is . . . and who and what he is not.

United States Of America v. Deric Lostutter – Final Judgement Papers

As this blog wrote yesterday, Deric Lostutter was sentenced to two years in Federal Prison, followed by a probation period of three years.

Below is a copy of the court’s final judgement, which include the conditions for not only his incarceration, but probation as well.


BREAKING: Deric Lostutter (KYAnonymous) Sentenced To Two Years In Federal Prison

Deric Lostutter, the former Anonymous member known as, KYAnonymous received a sentence of two years in Federal Prison and three year probation today in connection with his pleading guilty in November 2016 to conspiring to illegally access a computer and making false statements to federal agents.

According to those in the courtroom, Deric must surrender himself to prison in May.

Once released he is ordered not to work in the technology field while on probation, nor possess a computer without permission of the probation authorities.

In the courtroom, assistant U.S. Attorney Neeraj Gupta called Lostutter “a shakedown artist” and a “cyberbully.” [source: Lexington Herald Leader]

After the hearing, Deric Lostutter and his attorney, Tor Eckeland gave a small press conference of sorts. Blogger and videographer, William Murtaugh was there and recorded it. It can be viewed HERE.

In January 2017, his co-conspirator, Noah McHugh aka BatCat was sentenced to 8 months in Federal Prison and 4 months home detention after he pleaded guilty to to one count of accessing a computer without authorization.

Deric Lostutter rose to “fame” during the Steubenville, Ohio rape case which resulted in two teenage boys being found guilty.

A blogger named Alexandria Goddard who originally began blogging about this case on her blog, She was sued by one of the teenage boys and his parents but the lawsuit was eventually dropped.

Enter Deric Lostutter. . .

He quickly appropriated this case for his own gain appearing on numerous night-time talk shows alleging  that he broke the case. He uncovered “corruption” in Steubenville. He forced charges to be filed; he did not as charges had already been filed.

This claim, like all of the others he made related to Steubenville were complete fabrications made up on his part for personal fame and financial gain.

Using his name and internet fame he turned Steubenville into a quasi cottage industry for himself by opening multiple self funding accounts

Through these accounts he would play on the sympathy of those who still believed him by claiming he needed money for everything from medicine to treat cat scabies he and his wife contracted from their cat,  to needing money to fight his ever mounting legal fees. When he wasn’t internet panhandling he was filing multiple nuisance pro-se lawsuits against anyone who dared tell the truth about him. He has even gone as far as to offer monetary rewards for people’s information and identities so that he can harass and file lawsuits against them, simply because they spoke out against him.

As more and more people began to see the truth about him, he tried desperately to extend his 15 minutes by inserting himself in other various rape cases – most of his attempts turned out to be unsuccessful.

Claiming to be “close to homelessness,” he and his wife, Jenny Lostutter, a former stripper, gave homemade cam porn a try via the adult service, Chaturbate. This apparently was not as lucrative as he hoped as they stopped doing this not soon after they started.

Along the way, Deric opened an internet investigation service offering to “spy” on people for a price. Along with this he claimed to be a licensed private investigator in the state of North Carolina. A claim that was quickly found to be false. Since internet begging was easier for Deric (and didn’t require getting out of bed, going to work and then actually working) his new business quickly went belly up.

It remains to be seen if he will use his time behind bars to reflect on his life up to now and make a conscious effort to mend his ways,and make a positive change.

But if his past behavior is any indication of his future behavior – I wouldn’t advise anyone hold their breaths.