Deric Lostutter: Intimidation By Proxy

Prior to Mr. Lostutter’s sentencing this past week for conspiring to illegally access a computer and making false statements to federal agents his sentencing memorandum said among other things “he seemingly cannot stop harassing others online.”

It goes on to mention how he clearly violated specific Court orders not to use the internet to harass others.. all within days of orders being set forth.

Now, it appears that he cannot stop harassing or trying to intimidate others after being sentenced. This time using his wife/her social media accounts to do so.

Yesterday as I checked into my Instagram account, I noticed I had new likes. Well imagine my surprise when it was none other than Jenny Lostutter (jenand_juice), Mr. Lostutter’s wife who had liked every single one of my pictures.

IG Visits

(click on individual picture to enlarge)

As you can see by the time/date on the bottom right side of each screen shot, and the hours since she liked them this action occurred long after his initial orders to stop using the internet to stop harassing people and days after his court sentencing.

There is no reason whatever for them to like these pictures other than to let me know they were there.

So, Deric, now I know . . . as does the probation officer and prosecutor in this case.

7 thoughts on “Deric Lostutter: Intimidation By Proxy”

  1. It should be obvious that Deric is somehow behind this stunt. Either that or his wife is just as bad as he is. This is certainly a form of intimidation. As you stated in your article, it is at least her telling you that “she is watching you.” and presumably Deric is watching you as well. She is toeing a fine line. It is unlikely that Deric will be given any more punishment other than probably losing his chosen “place of stay” in NC since it would be hard to prove that Deric had anything to do with this stunt or that it would qualify as harassment under the guidelines set by the court.
    It would also appear that his wife is going to take over the duties of promoting Deric both for fame and profit.


  2. I really hate how this guy tried to bring justice to rapists of his own accord, and as a fellow misogynist as yourself I hope people leave these whores to the wolves as God intended. There is no place for people to use morally-grey methods in order to protect some slut woman and ruin the lives of good football playing boys. I hope this case sends a message that a raped woman is going to stay raped and a good woman stays quiet so mind your business you computer nerds!

    1. I wrestled with posting this comment, but as proponent of free speech, I decided to post it. With a few corrections.
      1) I’m not a misogynist, not in the least. Don’t twist my distaste for Deric Lostutter as such.
      2) The teen rape VICTIM was not a “whore” nor was she a “slut” and your suggestion she be left to the wolves is sickening.
      3) Raped women should NEVER and I mean NEVER stay quiet, as you suggest. Remaining “silent” doesn’t make them a good woman, it makes them a silent VICTIM.
      — Holly

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