This is Deric Lostutter “Not” Using The Internet

According to Deric Lostutter’s Final Judgement Order (page 5 section 12) handed down by the Federal Courts he is not to be using the internet or computer’s for any reason – most especially to threaten, harass, or intimidate others.

He and his wife, Jennifer Lostutter have acknowledged such in a recent video she posted on “her” Free Deric Lostutter Twitter account.

So, imagine my surprise when I get the below screenshot this morning in my messages. A screenshot from her Instagram account from 16 hrs ago, which puts it well after the orders and acknowledgements of them.

Maybe he just wanted to send a message to all of their “supporters” or maybe, as always, he feels he is above the law and court orders?

Maybe she does too.

UPDATE 4/6/2017:

The intimidation continues as evidenced by the tweets “Jenny” decided to direct at several individuals last night.
This is evidenced by her tweets about people with “snakes in their hair.” It is a pretty well known fact that Attorney, Kim Picazio of South Florida uses a Medusa avatar on her personal Twitter account called Medusa_TheGreat.

Then there is the matter of her tweets to William K. Murtaugh, the blogger who covered the sentencing hearing and has blogged extensively on Deric’s case.

Below is a snippet of the threats. The entire conversation can be found on the Twitter account FREEDERICLOSTUTTER beginning at approximately 9:34 PM on 5 Apr 2017.

For people who claim to want to be left alone, they certainly go out of their way to target anyone who doesnt support the false narrative they continue to try to push.

6 thoughts on “This is Deric Lostutter “Not” Using The Internet”

  1. Another comment came up on that account. “She” is angry about blocked accounts reading her account. The problem is that when you block someone, you cannot read their account without going through an additional step to read the posts there.

    “She” seems concerned about who is posting about her and her husband despite blocking the “offenders.”
    She also seems to forget that Deric is a public figure, being famous in his own mind, and thus is subject to enhanced public interest.


  2. Furthermore she is alluding to suing lawyer Kim Picazio and falsely accusing Picazio of criminal acts. It is not improper or illegal for Picazio to consult with the attorney of the defendants Deric is suing in his civil suit, especially since one of them is someone she has represented in the past.

    Here she alludes to seeing Picazio in court, yet Picazio is not a named defendant in the current civil suit and the court has yet to even rule on personal jurisdiction in that case.

    From Jennifer Lostutter’s Twitter account . . .
    There is that whole personal jurisdiction and 1st amendment. Please see video. I am not Deric. You will not intimidate me. See you in court.…

  3. Their comprehension of the First Amendment is skewed. It’s okay for them to post and utter libelous and defamatory statement about others, but when you speak the TRUTH about Deric and provide absolute documentation of those truths, you get sued several times, have false criminal arrest warrants taken out against you and anything that he can do to silence that TRUTH.

    Deric is the type of person who needs to be caged. He simply CANNOT obey the rules, and has a sick compulsion to try to destroy anyone who stands up to him. Today is the ultimate face-off. I hope Judge Reeves remands him to custody immediately and for the full five years. Deric is a menace to society, and needs to be taught a lesson.

  4. She/ He tagged her after telling tweeters to leave her/him alone. Making threats to an attorney was moronic. Plus making threats to anyone covering this story with lawsuits, just as stupid. Look, if this idiot is not on line like he was ordered, no one on line could be bothering him/her. I think it should also be pointed out, subweets with no names attached might be directed at anyone. Assuming they are directed to him/her is narcissistic

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