And Speaking Of Violations – Is This A Beer Deric Lostutter Is Drinking?

According to Deric Lostutter’s original and most recent terms of release he is not to be consuming alcoholic beverages of any kind.

Yet in this picture on his wife’s Instagram, he can be seen with a glass of Chimay beer in front of him as he holds his infant daughter. Original archived HERE.

As you can see the picture it was taken well before his sentencing but after his original release orders.

Once again – Deric thumbing his nose at the courts and rules?

I just hope Jenny drove home after this outing, because we all know, based on Deric’s self admitted issues with alcohol, he cant just stop at one.


One thought on “And Speaking Of Violations – Is This A Beer Deric Lostutter Is Drinking?”

  1. I would be surprised if this was NOT beer. There is foam in the glass which is an indicator of it being beer. Notwithstanding there has to have been some serious violations of the rules to compel first the probation submitting a report to the US atty and then the US atty filing a motion for a violations hearing.
    Holding a hearing is a lot of trouble for the court and the government and they do not do these things lightly. It is my guess that Deric is in serious trouble.


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