Holly Briley: Ripoff Report And Ed Magedson’s Extortion Scheme Exposed

Holly Briley A few years ago I got on the radar of a notorious Canadian cyberstalker/criminal.  Part of this person’s modus operandi was to place her target’s name on every bash, revenge site found on the internet, one of her favorite places to do this is Ripoff Report. It goes without saying that everything on there about me is a lie, but I digress.

Recently I decided to contact ROR about getting these lies off of their website. Their response was “Ripoff Report is forever.” They went on to inform me I could make a rebuttal OR use a “reputation management” service – a service which not so coincidentally is advertised on their website and run BY them.

I gave a hard pass on that and decided that I would instead allow them to prove how reputable they really were.

I made a Ripoff Report, report on them. One week later they have yet to publish this report or respond to my email as to why it hasn’t yet been posted.  Never fear though, I made screen shots of each screen and my report.  You may see these screenshot HERE, if you are unable to read them below.



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Upon researching ROR and it’s founder, Ed Magedson, I found that it is nothing but an elaborate extortion scam.

If you look up Ripoff Report on Wikipedia it is clearly noted in the first few lines that Ripoff Report is a ” is a privately owned and operated for-profit website founded by Ed Magedson.”

They place people, businesses or most anything on their website and in doing so makes sure the results hit front page Google searches by using key words that are picked up on by Google algorithms. By doing this they heighten the victims desperation to have this information removed. . . enter their “reputation management” service. . . which only serves to fatten their bank accounts.

As of this date there have been numerous complaints lodged against them with Consumer Affairs.

Sadly to date, Ripoff Report continues to defame and extort people for their own monetary gain.

When researching a company, charity organization, person or any type of service DO NOT rely on Ripoff Report for your information. They do zero research into the claims or rebuttals presented to them.

They post whatever is written and sit back and wait for the desperation of those posted about to kick in … so they can cash in.

Well that is anything that is written. . . UNLESS it is about THEM.