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Happy Thanksgiving To All

Happy Fall: The Beautiful Death of Summer

There is no better season than Fall, it’s my favorite time of the year. I guess it comes from growing up in Florida where we really didn’t have a traditional Fall nor did we experience the leaves changing. It wasn’t until we moved “up North” I experienced this, and while I know the leaves turning is really just them dying. . . It’s a beautiful death.

Since I do a lot of digital artwork I thought I would share some of my favorites Ive done of Fall. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed doing them.

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Never Forget . . . .

Forgiveness In The Face Of Death

Most people who know me well knows that my mother and I had a complicated relationship, and that we were estranged for many years prior to her death.

We reunited briefly days prior to her death, and tried as best as we could to mend fences and say things that for far too long had been left unsaid.

There are times I think of these few days and all of the things I forgot to say or didn’t say and I hope that she now knows them now. Then there are days I think of all the things we said were forgiven and the same anger that builds up inside of me all over again so much so that I’m not sure they were in fact forgiven or if I just said that to ease her passing mind. I sometimes really don’t know. Maybe I never will.

There are so many emotions when a parent dies, it leaves you feeling vulnerable, orphaned and devastated, and while I was feeling all of these things, the truth of the matter is, I mourned her long before she died, and when she died, I was left to mourn the imagined relationship we never had and would now never have.

My mother had many demons, but her story is not mine to tell. One day I may decide to tell it, but for now, they belong to me.

Of all the emotions I feel not one single one of them is regret for my choosing to not continue in what was most definitely a toxic relationship, even if I did become the talk of the family, and anyone who would listen to her for having done so. And boy did I !

This is not so say I don’t have a certain level of sadness because I do. It makes me sad (that) because of the things she did she wasn’t able to get to know the wonderful man I married or to see her grandchildren grow up. She didn’t get to see the woman I became, the one she tried so hard to hold back.

She’s been dead now for 12 years, and memories still play as a continuous loop in my head when I allow them.

Sometimes she comes to me in my dreams but most of the times she comes to me in my nightmares . . Maybe she always will.

Ive long since stopped trying to understand how a mother can do the things she did and to her own flesh and blood. I do however struggle with this at times because as human’s we always want explanations, because in this case there is no explanation that would suffice.

Whatever happens, I think I will always experience a certain level struggle.

The struggle to let it go, and the struggle to forgive.



Happy 4th of July

Let Freedom Ring


Memorial Day

Remember those who never came home, those who fought for you without ever knowing you.

Thoughts And Prayers

Today Santa Fe High School in Houston, Texas became a member of a club no one wants to belong to, but too many already do when a student opened fire killing 10 and leaving 10 others harmed.

Immediately the usual debates and blame began in the media and all over social media. I’m not here to address policies, gun control, the existence of the NRA or anything like that. Not now, not here.

Also the usual “Thoughts & Prayers,” “Pray For Santa Fe” sentiments started to appear. Many took, and take offense to this and will counter these sentiments with calls to “do something.”

While I understand and share much of the anger and urgency to “do something,” at that very moment in time, while we are watchingĀ  students on t.v. crying, reliving the nightmare. While we watch the anguish of the parents who have lost a child, right at that very moment, what can we do?

We cant change policy at that very moment, and while the anger is righteous, we cant forget the people who are living through this nightmare.

This is where, for me, the thoughts and prayers come in.

Should we not pray for the families, students, faculty and the entire community? Should we not pray for their peace, their strength and faith to hold them in this most trying time? Should we not uplift them with our thoughts and prayers and let them know that we are all with them and thinking of and yes, praying for and with them?

People need to do something when tragedy strikes, they need to feel like they are in someway helping, and in the moments, days and weeks that follow these tragedies, praying is the most immediate thing that can be done.

As for me, I will continue to think about and pray for these people. If that offends you, I’ll pray for you too.


Cheerios Giving Away Free Wildflower Seeds #BringBackTheBee

Bee populations which are crucial for pollinatingĀ  world food supplies have been declining in recent years.

Because of this, Cheerios is partnering with Veseys Seeds, and are pledging to send out 100 million wildflower seeds.

You can get your free wildflower seeds by visiting the Cheerios website, they ask that in return you plant them in a bee friendly area.


Holly Briley


National Pancake Day: Go Out And Get Ya A Stack – Bon Appetit!

Holly Briley According to Google the pancake goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who would eat them sweetened with honey.

The Elizabethans ate them flavored with various spices, rosewater, sherry and apples. They were traditionally ate them on Shrove Tuesday, known in commonwealth countries as Pancake Day which consisted of a day or feasting and partying before the beginning of Lent.

Today, IHOP celebrates National Pancake Day complete with free short stacks in return all they ask is that you make a contribution to one of their charitable partners.

What could be better? Pancakes & the knowledge that you’re doing good for so many that need help.

Feeling hungry yet?

Bon Appetit!