Deric And Jennifer Lostutter – And The Grift Goes On

Unless you’re new here you’re probably already aware of the fact that Deric Lostutter aka KYAnoymous was remanded into Federal Custody yesterday, one month early, for violating terms of his release.

One would think that this would be the end (at least for now) to the Deric Lostutter saga. But as with anything related to this man, it only leads to more questions and a trip farther down the rabbit hole.

Late yesterday evening Deric’s wife, Jennifer took to his blog and posted a “whoa is Deric” blog post. You can read the entire blog here in this screenshot if you don’t feel like going to it directly and run the possibility of viruses, etc.

In this post she alleges the government “forcibly kidnapping” her husband for her exercising herĀ  free speech and supporting her husband.

She also brings up (more than once) the blog, her Instagram, etc is outside the jurisdiction of Kentucky. What she fails to, or refuses to understand is – Deric could have been in a spaceship on the planet Mars and he would have still been in violation. State jurisdiction has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

But the thing that struck me the most is the selfie picture she posted of Deric supposedly at work on his “construction job” on a cell phone that he may or may not have been permitted to have.

Wait. Job?

This raises even more questions, especially in light of the fact that he recently filed appeal papers (pro-se) for his federal sentence, and when he filed he filedĀ  to appeal Forma Pauperis .

You can read the filing in full here. I’ll be breaking down key points below.

In the section in which he had to list employers (most recent employer first) he lists his last job as TGI Fridays – ending in February 2017.

In the financial part of the appeal for Forma Pauperis, he puts zero as the amount they receive in gifts How can they claim zero when he currently runs a GoFund Me account he tags as as being “on behalf of Jennifer Lostutter,” and as his “bill fund?”

A GoFund Me account that as of yesterday showed a total of $13,753.00 available. Fund is archived here.

This does not include the other many donation funds he has created and received money from in the past two plus years. None of this money was disclosed.

This brings us to another point. In this paperwork it asks who else in the household relies on he and his wife for support. Deric lists his step-son .. who he nor she have physical custody of and who in fact Jenny is in arrears for in the child support she is to pay to the parties who have custody of him.

Now, before you ask how I can be certain she does not have custody? Well beyond the fact of the court proceedings of a few years back in which she lost custody – she as much as says so in the below IG post she made two days ago when she states it was a nice week with the kids and she’s always glad when she can have them together.

So .. you’re behind in child support – do not have physical custody of said child, yet leads court to believe he is with you?

He goes on to affirm that he is the sole provider as his wife is “unable to work”

She is unable to work, yet here she is on the blog post she wrote, begging for money to offset bills while she works to support their child.

While her working status is something for the courts do determine if and when the time is right – but one thing is for certain – she’s already “working” full time at begging the public for a living. .. just like Deric taught her.

All of this brings me to my point, and that point is – How can someone who has over at least twelve thousand dollars at their disposal, maybe more when all the other begging accounts are factored in (not to mention had a construction job they “forgot” to mention in their paperwork) be considered indigent and unable to pay his legal fees for a an appeal he (as part of his plea agreement) swore NOT to file?

Jenny has now gone full Deric and started to beg for her and her child’s living claiming all other funds raised on the above archived GoFund Me account has gone to “legal defense,” never mind the legal defense is a separate funding account, run by his defense attorney, Tor Eckeland.

Defense fund donations page: