Deric Lostutter – Maybe You Should Have Called BatCat

I wasn’t going to blog this because I have no definitive proof, but I’m also not one that put much stock into coincidences. But after today and my finding out that another blog that has been blogging about Deric got hacked and the fact that someone tried to access the owner’s email, I felt I needed to share this information.

If youve been reading this blog you’ll know that Deric and his wife engaged in some intimidation by proxy with me.

Not too long after this happened and I blogged about it, I got several emails stating that a few of my social media accounts had been frozen due to repeated attempts to access them through the password reset option. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

I also got an alert that someone tried to get into my email via a proxy from The Netherlands: IP: Coincidentally or not, an IP from The Netherlands also attempted to get into the email of the above linked blogger whose blog got hacked.

I have no idea why the attempted access to my Linkedin except for the fact that they thought it might hold the information about a current employer, and we all know how Deric loved to contact them.

While I’d be hard pressed to prove in a court of law Deric was behind these attempts.. its pretty coincidental this all happened after I blogged about him.

Yepp.. should have called BatCat.

2 thoughts on “Deric Lostutter – Maybe You Should Have Called BatCat”

  1. It was calling Noah McHugh that got Deric into the mess he is now in. Both he and Deric are finding out that unauthorized entry into a blog or website even it is only by by guessing the password is against the law.
    Both of them are going to have two years in prison to figure that out.


    1. Yes. Yes they are. You would think he would have learned by now. But then again.. it is Deric we’re talking about. Rules dont apply to him .. or so he thinks.

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